Mini Study: End Times Prophecies Comparison

Jerusalem (January 2020)

Euphrates River (Iraq)

Here we see that Israel will lean on Yeshua (Jesus) their KING as they come back into their land. Elohim will allow them to dwell there forever indicating they will not be forced out of their land ever again.

Nile River, Egypt

Again it is stated that the remnant of Israel and Judah brought back into their land are dwelling safely. Here it clearly states they are a (seemingly) vulnerable people having no walls, no bars or gates to defend this peaceful people. Is that what we see in the State of Israel currently?

Here it is stated that the 2nd exodus will be so memorable that it will take over the old saying of YAH who brought Israel out of Egypt. If the 2nd exodus has already happened and Israel is back in their land, what was this “north country” that is specifically mentioned here (for insight into this north country, see my article on the Daughter of Babylon)?

Psalm 102:15–17 15 So the gentiles shall fear the name of the Lord, And all the kings of the earth Your glory. 16 For the Lord shall build up Zion; He shall appear in His glory. 17 He shall regard the prayer of the destitute, And shall not despise their prayer.

Again this passage shows that Israel coming back into their land is tied to them returning to their KING Yeshua the Messiah. This also shows that (suffering) Messiah would come before the 2nd exodus of Israel coming back to the land, clearly pointing to Yeshua. Do we see the State of Israel accepting Yeshua as Messiah and their KING?

Tel Aviv, Israel

Here it is again stated plainly that after the final return of Israel into their land, they will never again be uprooted from it. Did the State of Israel have to build the waste cities to inhabit them in 1948?

Haifa, Israel

So I just wanted to point out a few of the current conflicts with biblical end time prophecies when assuming the State of Israel (those currently possessing the conventional land of Israel) are the true lineage of peoples that Elohim chose among the Earth. For those who want to cling to these “truths” you were taught, they don’t add up with scripture as we see. You are holding on to indoctrination, you are clinging to lies. All these passages and many other conflicts I have already brought up throughout my body of writings on the platforms I use. I just wanted to speak about this plainly because I believe a lot of things are already beginning to happen to setup for the 2nd exodus and many Christians will likely be very confused. I don’t want anyone to leave their faith in Yeshua because they are looking at the wrong people and starting to question the prophecies. I understand many of us have been indoctrinated under the same toxic lies that are now conventional Eurocentric Christian teachings but we must curve our understanding according to the Word of Elohim. Here is a basic timeline of events that I suspect will happen soon according to my understanding of scripture. I’ve stated before that I am not a prophet. The purpose of this basic timeline is to inform people so that when they see these things beginning to happen, they will believe in the Elohim of Israel through the Lamb, Yeshua:

The Great Awakening: Israel and Judah will awaken to their true heritage while still in their captivity among the diaspora (this has already begun).

Destruction of the Middle East: Much of the Middle East will be destroyed and the land will be cleansed to be prepared for the 2nd exodus and return of the Hebrew Israelites (and Elamites at some point).

Destruction of the Daughter of Babylon: At some point soon, this nation will fall. This will coincide with the 2nd exodus (please reference my article on the Daughter of Babylon).

2nd Exodus: Israel and Judah will begin to come out of their captivity, a remnant will be brought back into the land of their inheritance (Israel, also considered “greater Israel”).