Black Woman Art


With all my heart and soul I believe in YHWH and I believe His son Yeshua lived/died/was resurrected for all humanity. The Hebrew series gives an abundance of evidence as to who and where true Israel is. This series gives insight into two main lies being spread by Eurocentric christianity and they are: who are the Gentiles and who is Israel? When you know the truth to these two answers, it gives a unique insight into the prophecies of Hebrew doctrine and more specifically the end time prophecies. Once you can "unlock" prophecy through knowing the answers to these two questions, you will be able to understand just how close we are in these end times and will have a better understanding of what's to come, the roles of the nations of the world and why. The teachings and articles I use are to bring people to the truth. My intention is to uplift these peoples that have had their heritage denied and stolen from them. Lift up your head and recognize who you are. You are loved by the living God and He has not forsaken us.

It's interesting to me how little we as Americans know and understand about Judaism.  Judaism is the foundation of Christianity and part of the Western hemisphere canon. It wasn't until I started understanding and researching who the Hebrews are that I understood why.  It's also interesting how little we Christians know about Islam;  considering it is very similar to both Judaism and Christianity and all 3 are recognized as the Abrahamic religions.  Regardless of what you believe or if you don't believe in anything or whether you're Jew or Gentile or other. The articles I write are about Israelite lineage; who is a part of that lineage and where they are today in the world.


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