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This site is dedicated to the research and study of the Hebrew Israelites.  The Hebrews (later called Jews) are the chosen people of YHWH according to Judaism and Christianity.  They lived in ancient Israel but eventually God banished them from the land of Israel, this banishment is now known as the Jewish diaspora.  Where the Hebrews are throughout the world has been a hot topic of discussion for centuries now. My articles take an investigative look into what proof there is regarding the diaspora and Hebrew anthropology in general.  Within my articles, there are maps, journals from explorers, pictures, drawings and paintings, logical scientific evidence and of course ancient Hebrew writings. All these things work together to give cohesive insight into the major dispersion of where and who these peoples are today.


The principal focus of this site is a study of the Hebrews themselves and not necessarily religious denominations people have associated to the Hebrew Israelites and ultimately, to reveal the truth of the outcome.  The (Scattered) Hebrew series takes an in depth view into the details of the Hebrews as well as aggressively attacking and untangling whiteness and/or whitewashing from history, Judaism, Christianity, black Hebrews, ancient Egyptians and Jesus Himself.  Hence the title of the first article of the series: The Unlearning of Jesus. The series goes into a brief history of how Israel came to be before getting into the evidence pointing to who the Hebrews are today. It is recommended to read the series in the order published, for this purpose the order of the series can be found on the Series page.


I'm a follower of Yeshua (Jesus) and was born and raised in Houston, Tx.  I don't have any degrees or higher education that would pertain to anthropology or Judaism (or any of the Abrahamic religions for that matter).  This is something that just interested me and so I started doing some digging maybe a year or so back now (2017 then), I was completely blown away at what I found through my online research, through talking to Africans and also how many others were aware of some of this information already.  I do feel God has called me to speak and write down these ideas. My hope and ultimate goal is to inform and unite the true Hebrews of who they are and that they would cry out to God in prayer and meditation. There are so many friends and family members that helped guide me spiritually to get to the point where I felt I had to start writing about these things.  My own wife was the first one to suggest I start writing down my ideas based off of my research. I love you all and appreciate you so much and am honored and humbled God would use me in this way.

Blak Simba

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